A little bit about me
Art by Sarah Ali
My name is Sarah Ali
Sarah's entry into the world of art was one which found her, and actually almost saved her. Born into a very well respected family, the product of two physicians, education was not only encouraged, but it was expected. So began the journey to college, and then continued on to a Masters in Business Administration. Along the way, Sarah found love, which eventually resulted in marriage, and today is the proud mother of three lovely children. However, her story does not end here; Sarah likes to refer to it as "the beginning."
Two years back Sarah's health began deteriorating rapidly, and strangely enough the medical community was completely mystified as to what was causing such rapid damage to an otherwise young, healthy woman. After many months of grueling tests and hospitalizations the mystery had been solved - LUPUS.
Sarah was relieved to have a diagnosis, but the only thing she could think about was her children. She fell into severe depression. It was during this time that Jamali, not only her maternal uncle, but one of the most respected contemporary artists of today truly became her inspiration. He encouraged her to begin to paint. Jamali taught Sarah that painting is an act of meditation, which can bring about feelings of euphoria like no other. A bit hesitant, but completely fed up with conventional medicine, Sarah picked up the brush and began.

Since then Sarah has not been able to put the brushes down. In her work, one can see and attempt to feel what she feels. The severe pain during a flare up, or the bright euphoric colors when days are good. Whatever the day brings, now she can deal with it in a whole new light. When she paints, it is a very intimate, intense feeling - a great sense of peace and tranquility surrounds her, and this is what she hopes to ultimately achieve.