In this medium, specifically prepared organic paints are applied to cork fabric imported from Spain. Cork is used for its similarity to skin and durability. Several Layers of paint are applied to create texture. To disperse the paints, Sarah applies water to the surface which creates softness to the works.
Art by Sarah Ali
  1. SA031 24x24
    SA031 24x24
  2. SA039 29x25
    SA039 29x25
  3. SA041 29x25
    SA041 29x25
  4. SA056 32x32
    SA056 32x32
  5. SA057 32x32
    SA057 32x32
  6. SA058 32x32
    SA058 32x32
  7. SA059 20x20
    SA059 20x20
  8. SA060 28x48
    SA060 28x48
  9. SA072 32x32
    SA072 32x32
  10. SA073 32x32
    SA073 32x32
  11. SA083 21x21
    SA083 21x21
  12. SA091 32x32
    SA091 32x32
  13. SA092 28x22
    SA092 28x22
  14. SA093 28x22
    SA093 28x22
  15. SA100 32x32
    SA100 32x32
  16. SA101 32x32
    SA101 32x32
  17. SA129 28x24
    SA129 28x24
  18. SA130 27x21
    SA130 27x21
  19. SA131 30x19
    SA131 30x19
  20. SA133-134 45x9
    SA133-134 45x9
  21. SA135 26x17
    SA135 26x17
  22. SA136 26x17
    SA136 26x17
  23. SA137 38x38
    SA137 38x38
  24. SA138 16x16
    SA138 16x16
  25. SA139 17x17
    SA139 17x17
  26. SA140 13x10
    SA140 13x10
  27. SA147 38x38
    SA147 38x38
  28. SA155 24x20
    SA155 24x20
  29. SA156 24x20
    SA156 24x20
  30. SA197 28x22
    SA197 28x22
  31. SA198 25x24
    SA198 25x24
  32. SA204 38x28
    SA204 38x28
  33. SA209 39x53
    SA209 39x53
  34. SA273 16x20
    SA273 16x20
  35. SA274 16x20
    SA274 16x20
  36. SA276  47x28.5
    SA276 47x28.5
  37. SA278 28.5x23
    SA278 28.5x23
  38. SA277 28.5x23
    SA277 28.5x23